Polished concrete floors, the long remitted commercial spaces and basements are making good floors of the houses meant for living. The ability to seal and stain has upgraded its aesthetic look recently.

This makes it more competitive with other flooring stones used for flooring like marble, slate and granite at lower cost. They offer advantages to the home renovators and builders. Below are some of the advantages of constructing your new home with flooring of polished concrete.

Polished floors can be sustained

Individuals willing to construct a home that is environmental friendly are among the first people to make use of the best polished concrete Melbourne has. Sealed concrete has extremely low effect on the environment. If your home is built on an existing concrete slab, sealing and sanding the concrete gets away with the urge for additional environmental flooring that is expensive. Compounds mostly used to finish and sand a concrete floor are low volatile organic compounds (VOCS) that mostly pollute the environment and reduce the indoor air quality which has severe effects. The compounds that are used in sealing the floors made of concrete do not have a lasting odor.

It is easy to maintain

Most of the traditional flooring necessitates thorough cleaning. Therefore carpeting must be vacuumed. Floor boards should also be waxed. Marble floors needs good and special cleaners prone to scuffs, which will now drive its special attention. Through contrast, polished concrete floor is resistant to stains and scuffs, hence can be mopped when necessary. This can save your hours in labor and cost of cleaning.

Treated concrete is of high value

Away from making polished concrete incredible sustainable, concrete has been less costly flooring option available. It comes already fixed in some homes because many houses are built on concrete slabs foundation. Later the addition of vinyl, timber, tile or carpeting is laid over it. As a result of this, concrete polishing Melbourne has comes second in baring earth in terms of the original outlay. They are surfaces that reflect, and this helps in reducing the cost of lighting required inside the house. This makes the house remain cool during summer time hence reducing the household cooling cost.

Concrete floors are durable

Well treated concrete floors are among the most durable floors in the world. According the houzz.com, a well treated floor is expected to last for not less than 100 years. This has been an issue long known by the commercial interest who mostly make use of this option of flooring in showrooms, retail locations and some areas with high trafficking. They gives a floor room to breathe making it not susceptible to rot and moisture issues in the manner of vinyl or tile floors that can easily be trapped with moisture resulting in costly replacements.

Sealed concrete are beneficial to health

Since the year 1960’sArticle Submission, household dust and dust mites are known in getting rid of allergies and are particularly problem to those with existing issues of respiratory. Polished concrete leaves no place for dust mites to gather and expose bacteria which are trapped between the floor boards and tiles. Putting concrete flooring is the first step towards creating an environment free from allergy.

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