Concrete toppings



Concrete toppings is an alternative choice to concrete polishing or staining. Commonly used on concrete sites that suffer’s from erosion, decade concrete, rain damage, deflection or sub straight’s that are not sustainability sound. Recently, self-level floorings have become a huge request in modern wear-surface, in comparison to conventional flooring. Self-level floorings provide an aesthetic look; whilst remaining a seamless profile.

Self-level floors vary in colours, patterns, hues, contours, and can be sealed in matt, satin or gloss.

There are many toppings available, however, our recommendations is to start and finish with the ARDEX range; Pandomo, K80, K15 are a few products we are licensed to install, further Ardex product are available. Our advice and product selection will vary, based on; the site and sub straight evaluation and your expectations. Contact US now and arrange a site visit request at no charge.

Why Choose Topping Products?

Topping products allow experienced craftsmen to apply artistic effects, textures and colour combinations. For example, in a retail environment the combination of a strong charcoal with a key colour, taken from branding or interior design, can be very impressive. Alternatively, selecting the right colour in a broad flat application can also generate a welcoming warmth.

First, they are a fluid product allowing them to self-level while retaining high levels of hardness.

Secondly, they are a highly processed compound that promotes a self-smoothing surface while still allowing workability for experienced craftsman to bring shape and texture to the final finish.

Thirdly, they are designed to meet the demanding conditions of high wear commercial applications.

Lastly, topping products are balanced to promote a rapidly approaching flash point. This allows the product to set quickly assisting craftsman to work and the product to be walked on the next day.