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PC only use the best available products that uphold our warranty expectations. There are many products on the market at discounted rates that do not fit our criteria when it comes to reliability and durability. With a customer re-call rate of less than 1% we have the technology and the knowledge to deliver the best service, advice and craftsmanship. We leave nothing behind but concrete art, footprints and the air we breathe. Our mechanical and computerised tools are state of the art and the forefront within the industry.

This provides PC to be the cutting edge within the re-surfacing industry. Our alliance partners from many countries around the world integrate exclusive knowledge years ahead of the rest. They include China, Germany, U.S. to only name a few of our channel information partners. When choosing PC, rest reassured as you have selected the best!


PC have been re-facing concrete floors all over Australia since 1984. Our services range from Polished Concrete, Decorative Stencil, Acid Staining and Pandomo. We have served hundreds of national clients, just like yourself, that have had a great experience with our team. We have specialised in all areas of concrete re-surfacing from: restoring, decorating old or new concrete inside and out. Whatever the task may be, you can be assured PC will provide the highest service in accordance. Our focus is transforming all concrete surfaces to a spectacular work of art.

“Do things as if they were our own” PC will guide you through our process and ensure you are equipped with the knowledge and assurance, that you receive the right job, on time, first time and every time. From our experience it costs triple the price to repeat work. Furthermore, this would also demoralise our primary marketing force “word of mouth advertising”. Hence, it would be impractical for you to do things any other way. Our success in this business is based on doing things right with open communication and the right terminology for our customers to comprehend. Our presentations are filled with knowledge others don’t reveal. It is this knowledge we share that equip you with all the options prior to our commencement.

Polished concrete price Guide

Prices cannot be pre-determined instantaneously as they do vary from place to place. On the contrary, you can be assured all finishes on an existing surface should cost between $20 – $150 per meter squared depending on substrate and choice. Should a price come under this threshold we recommend a second opinion, work establishment and request previous work referees. It would be wise and to your advantage to look for a long term contractor that will preserve your floors for years to come. Note: All decorative concrete has a maintenance schedule for preservation.

Satisfaction Guarantee

PC are the first of its kind to warrant our esablishment. Our approach of completing the task precise the first time is an overall compliment to our fine art. In addition, all our utilised products are covered with a full warranty. Warranties may vary depending on time and price and therefore is discussed in the quotation. Our timeline and management schedules are totally explained and covering all the anomalies that may surface and to ensure you are completely satisfied and stress free. We are the perfectionist!

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    Logan grew up in a household where design was very important. His father was a chief furniture deisgn for

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    Logan grew up in a household where design was very important. His father was a chief furniture deisgn for

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    Logan grew up in a household where design was very important. His father was a chief furniture deisgn for

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    Logan grew up in a household where design was very important. His father was a chief furniture deisgn for


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We hired Polished Concrete to polish 3 roughly built concrete staircases on a new build development and we are extremely happy with the finished article.

You get nothing but dedication and hard work from them. Coupled with their extensive knowledge it means you get a first class service.

I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

John Harris

What the team has achieved is incredible, starting from a lousy screed soft and full of defects, we have now a superb floor shiny full of personality with aggregate (small stones in the concrete) that are gorgeous.

It was a fantastic experience, full of learnings and amazing result, we would do it again with no hesitation.

Alex Joan

The work took less time than expected and we are very pleased with the result. I would definitely recommend Polished Concrete.

Aleen Valzac

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They are awesome people