Our finishes are exclusive, whereby other contractors can’t achieve! Our unique decorative applications are supported by concrete grinding honing, grouting, polishing, densifying thus reflecting lustrous looks that outlast time.

We service Melbourne and have large supportive partners around the country and the globe.

Yes, Decorative stencil is a slippery surface due to the sealer that plots on the top of the slurry. Measures are taken to ensure a maximum grip is achieved by adding polymers to the sealer or the use of crushed glass. “The choice is yours”!

Our qualified team will test the surface at the first measure and quote. This is a free charge if the concrete has no bonding materials due to old age. If the acid does not react with the cement, it could cause pealing and flaking in due time.

Toppings will guarantee for a duration of 7 years. This does not mean the product will disappear after this time. It simply means the curing agents have cured. We have several homes applied with decorative stencil that are 15 years old and look great. (See Maintenance guide).

A rule of thumb is 2 days per every 50MT2 (Meter Squared) An average driveway takes 4 days.

Once applied the product can be walked on after 24 hours and driven on after 72 hours. We recommend light foot traffic within the first 48 hours.

No crack in concrete can be guaranteed as 99% of cracks will resurface eventually. This is due to the concrete slab sub straight fail and a high moister content.

We use Mega Epoxy H to repair all crack and follow through with saw cuts. This tends to divert the crack into a clean straight line and maintain the crack under the surface.

All decorative toppings and re-surface needs to be maintained. This is usually done be re-sealing the given areas every 2 years. Sealers will protect the concrete slurry from peal and fade. It has a high ultra UV blockage.

Cleaning the surface is simple, all it requires is a high pressure clean. No soaps, cleaning material is required as this could cause more damage.