Spraypave is a process of spraying concrete slurry over existing concrete to rejuvenate dull concrete without the costly price and annoyance of bulldozers and garden damage. Our exclusive 8 step process is achieved by grinding, repairing and applying a diluted acid wash combined with pressure cleaning. Once a sustainable porous surface is achieved, it is ready to be sprayed. All the surrounding areas are masked up, plants are protected and rubbish is taken away. We relentlessly aim to achieve elite style and appearance. Currently we have 36 patterns (More), 30 colour’s and over 100 different design variations to choose from. We can invert colour’s and also fleck multiple colour’s. Besides beauty, there are many other attributes undertaking decorative stencil, such as increasing your property value, and keeping up with the Jones’s. Your neighbors will be dazzled with the elegance and beauty all completed in a short period of time.

Why Choose Spraypave?

Yes, Decorative stencil is a slippery surface due to the sealer that plots on the top of the slurry. Measures are taken to ensure a maximum grip is achieved by adding polymers to the sealer or the use of crushed glass. “The choice is yours”!

Our qualified team will test the surface at the first measure and quote. This is a free charge if the concrete has no bonding materials due to old age. If the acid does not react with the cement, it could cause pealing and flaking in due time.

Toppings will guarantee for a duration of 7 years. This does not mean the product will disappear after this time. It simply means the curing agents have cured. We have several homes applied with decorative stencil that are 15 years old and look great. (See Maintenance guide).

A rule of thumb is 2 days per every 50MT2 (Meter Squared) An average driveway takes 4 days.

Our experienced team will support you step by step from start to finish and will continue supporting over the years to preserve a flawless floor.